MonaVie Independent Distributors in IL

MonaVie Independent Distributors in IL

We have a database of MonaVie independent distributors in IL. If you are looking for a MonaVie independent distributor in IL, please use the contact form below to locate one. If you are an independent MonaVie distributor in IL and would like to be added to our database, please also use the form below.


Question: Have the caps on MonaVie Juice always been the same?

I recently purchased some on ebay and the caps look different, sealed green label but the caps inside are plastic and easy to twist off, not like others I have bought that caps were a challenge to twist off, I believe the product also may be expired, any thoughts?

Answer: Real MonaVie caps feel like a very thin metal. Also, what did you pay for the MonaVie? That would tell me whether it is real or not. All authorized MonaVie distributors agree to retail the product for the same price. If you bought it off of Ebay, I would have to guess you didn't pay full retail, which means you did not buy it from an authorized distributor. One sure way to tell is, if you look at the back of your bottle, it should have a number close to the bottom. All MonaVie bottles have the distributors number that ordered it from the company etched into the bottle in this location. This is so that if one of their distributors sells it on places like Ebay for a lesser price than agreed upon, they can track down who it was that sold it by the number on the bottle. If you do not see this number (up to 6 digits) your bottle of MonaVie is a fake. Good luck!

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