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Question: I need suggestions for a good quality Essential oil scent.?

My daughter is five and some of her friends and cousins wear perfume. Besides my issues with young girls wearing it in the first place, my daughter has very sensitive skin and I am allergic to harsh chemical scents. I don't always want to be the practical mom so I am willing to compromise and give her an essential oil that I can dab on her pulse points once in a while.

I have many natural/health stores located nearby and am aware of the better brands, I am just looking for a good scent that has positive aromatherapy effects for a young child.

Answer: Some oils are stimulating, some are sedating, some are very user friendly and some need to be used with caution. has lots of information on each essential oil offered. We live in such a scented world, we are perfuming ourselves unintentionally. Scented tissue, scented lotion, scented laundry, scented everything. Considering that every body care product these girls have encountered is scented - that's what most people use to make a selection - I'm not surprised they are wanting to perfume themselves.
If she has sensitive skin, read the ingredients and don't apply something you wouldn't eat. Our skin is our largest organ, and we absorb a lot transdermally. You can easily make a perfume for her with 2 parts vegetable oil and 1 part essential oil.
Good luck and have fun!

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