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Question: What should I name my Scentsy business?

I am going to start selling Scentsy this month!! I am soooo excited. But I am having a hard time coming up with a unique name. I would like something cute that people will remember. A few names that I have come up with are already taken. Please send me your ideas. Thanks so much!!

Answer: yes congratulations there are only what two million others already trying to find a decent living doing the like? have you just put scentsy in the yahoo search to see how many are "all" doing it already? Knowing this is a negative might make it better for you though and using the name "Just Another Scentsy Sophisticate" or "Popcorn, Peanuts, Scentsy", or "Yep! Another Scentsy Distributor" (adding) hoping my name gives you cause to want and need us.... "Save Dollars Use Scentsy" might just give you an advantage but in a phone book AAA Scentsy will come up first.

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