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Question: What should I do about my Mary Kay business?

I just started trying to sell Mary Kay and frankly I feel like a fool. I do not live in a large area and I noticed that there seems to be quite a few consultants already. I tried to research as best as I could but unfortunately I didn't come across all of them until after I bought the start-up kit, the web site and a few other items (but no inventory) to try and get going. At this point I feel like I would like to just make my money back and call it a day. I do have a debut scheduled but I am not sure if I really even want to go though with that. Any suggestions?

Answer: Think of this for a minute: When you tell yourself you're a fool, what were you thinking, all those negative things, you'll never succeed in life because you're always dragging yourself down. If you don't have the self-confidence to believe in yourself in whatever you do in life, you'll never get any further than 2-steps behind yourself. I learned this the hard way.

I had to change my way of thinking. I had to stop telling myself I couldn't do this or that, or I wasn't smart enough and on and on. YOU can do anything you allow yourself to do! It doesn't matter if it's Mary Kay or not. You obviously have a dream that you wanted to come true. Whether it's make extra money to pay for diapers, rent, saw a need. Since the subject is about Mary Kay, what you put in to it is what you get out of it. If you don't work don't get paid. You work get paid.

We are NOT a multi-level company. We are dual-marketing which means WE buy directly from the company for $1.00 and sell for $2.00. Multi means you don't buy from the company, you buy from your upline and they buy from their upline. We cannot sell on the internet or by any other means (fairs, etc.) other than we selling directly from our MK website
or through people we contact. This is all laid out in the contract you signed.

Here's something else to keep in mind. You may live in a small town and there are consultants but I can guarantee you that only a small handful are actually out there holding classes and making the money they need. The rest of them are "closet" consultants. Which means you don't know they are out there until you run into them. They only sell to their families and close friends or only buy from the company to get their product half off.

Just in Canada and US alone there are over 1 million consultants. 80% of them do very little (friends, family, themself) while 20% of them are actually holding classes.

Mary Kay Ash, herself, would respond to women who were concerned about the market being heavily saturated by saying if you don't see a pink cadillac at every house in the neighborhood, you have nothing to worry about.

So as your sister consultant in Mary Kay, I believe you can do this if you tell yourself you can. We, MK Consultants, can support you, teach you, help you to succeed and will be estactic when you achieve your dreams but we will feel sad for you when you decide to give up. Only you are responsible for you and your dreams.

I believe in you!

"You can do it." - Mary Kay Ash

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